Thursday, August 5, 2010


a current sweeps me away, a current of people, a current of thoughts, emotions, all intertwined with each other, none of which should make the slightest difference to me in my daily life.
and they dont, for the most part..

well, no, that's a lie.

when i think about it for too long, i start to realize that my brain feels like it is full of grime and dirt, things that cannot be washed away, as if a clever child, equipped with some kind of truly permanent marker, decided to scribble things all over the walls of my mind...... what?

shit i got lost in my own simile.


distance is key
well, not just any key
distance is practically THE key
to an apparently happier life.

ok fuck that, i just saw something that made me feel like a complete idiot.

ferget it bro

see you around, in eider dawn, at the end of the tunnel, through the door, on the other side.
or right here.


"brother you don't need to turn me away"