Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the color returns..

this is fantastic. im at such a great time of my life. an angel has entered, and made it all more bearable. and fresh, exciting, fun, exhilarating.


not flawless.

but amazing....

i feel a constant high. an irreversible, wondrous daze; but not the synthetic, rough kind. not the kind that drains you of mental and physical faculty. one that fills you up, makes you strong and ready to live to the fullest. this is a different kind of substance; a delicate balance of atmosphere and mood and feeling that is received through the sharing of happiness.

it's all so much to take in. everytime i'm with you, i feel soaked in thoughts and tries and feelings and words. but none of these thoughts are shameful, none of the words wrong, none of the feelings in vain, and none of the tries have failed..

i count myself among the lucky individuals who have experienced purity and raw happiness. i can't tell how long this will last, but i know for sure i'm going to do my best to keep it healthy and fresh as time goes on.

you're too valuable to waste with carelessness.


Friday, May 6, 2011

hello again

hmmm... so many memories in this blog. so many. it's odd, really; this blog was created as a method of coping with a troubled time in my life, something that seems so distant from the sunny todays. i hadn't posted on this in a couple months.. it's odd to come back. oddly welcoming. i know no one reads this, but it's here, and it's proud of itself. not really.