Saturday, June 26, 2010


what was here is not here anymore
the right to wage a million dollar war
while walking in the daytime through a morgue
what we might want or need and what's in store

leaving me like that, it isn't very nice
killing someone's a sure way to break the ice
when we float on by we sing our hymnals slow

mentally and physically im strong
accused of something that i cant affect
your bible is all hollowed out to store
all of your seeds of life and stark white wrong

your diction is mysterious your eyes an open book
thank my god for will and all the time it took
a climb is not too hard when youre not used to flat ground
stupid little kids they never understand it
the sidewalk burns when i am full of madness
then it ends and i will fall forever on

priceless is the face thats on my shirt
a mirror that reflects and nothing else
were we all alone when we first met
or was it a trap
was it a trap

if i know what ive been told
take a bullet to the soul
the soul of endings that begin
we are sorry to pull you in

if i know what ive been told
took a bullet in my soul
party on and when youre thin
i am happy to do you in



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