Tuesday, June 22, 2010

studená koupel/cold bath

haa bap bap bap oooo

words give a clean slate, no matter how skewed or biased they are. even the most unclean, corrupted words serve as a clean slate. a fact of what has been said.

human minds exist to interpret things. therefore, once words enter the mind, they are contaminated by the prejudices and general process of evaluation that goes on in the individual mind. this is the first step in one way that things in peoples' personal lives can get unbearably hard to handle.

word recycling. hmm... what an interesting concept; or at least it can be. other than the fact that writing about it creates a need to use a lot of unnecessary punctuation, this is the second step in the misinterpretation concept. the altered raw material (words) are being said again (recycled), but in their contaminated state. adding adjectives and embellishments for dramatic effect also helps this process along.

recycling, pt 2. yes, its the same thing as above.. but more so.

lather, rinse repeat. yeah.

and there we go. its a self reiteraing process, so obvious it almost seems geological. its like the equation for resistance in a series circuit; the more you have, the worse it gets.

anyway.. i just accidentally described a rumor chain..
what a neat little theory that at least reads scientifically.

and that, folks, is how the world falls down.

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