Saturday, June 26, 2010

take me in and dry the rain

half an hour till midnight.. it doesnt seem that late at all. i kinda feel like its the middle of the day, except its dark outside... i mean, the difference between midnight and midday is only 12 hours. i wonder what everything is like back home. i wonder if i will even be able to get a hold of you.. i hope so.

shes an angel, really. if there was one reason for me to stay somewhere for ever, it would be she.. this is what my face looks like just thinking about all this --> :D

hahaha, that would be fantastic.

anyway... wonderment aside, i really had a good time here. it always feel like its going to be such a long time when you first arrive, but then about half way you start to realize how fuckin fast its going.


and unfortunately, no matter what our mind might think, time doesnt in fact run faster.
things still manage to screw up.

i need a drill now, i suppose. i thought i wanted answers, but now i really just want a signal, some sort of confirmation that we will in fact start something. something that is genuine, because youre too wonderful to waste like that. i need you now, or at least i really want you, and right here next to me would be fantastic.
too bad your phone is broken, cause you would be receiving a call from someone at around 7pm tomorrow.

but, alas, as with everything else, all i can say is

oh well.

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