Thursday, June 24, 2010

one inch at at time and you'll be just fine

your heart is gold, and im honored to be able to witness and be one of those affected by it's pure glow. thank you.
im surprised how people's opinions of one another can change so drastically depending on their situations. it's kinda sad really, because it says something very deep about human nature or whatever.. or about myself, par exemple. i guess i always have the same feelings about people, no matter what happens. my apparent change in feelings is most likely caused by the fact that circumstances change.

and thats unfortunate.

i dont want you out of my life at all. i want you to be a part of it as much as possible. you are one of my support beams, and i have been unfair to you in the past.. and that's an understatement.


step by step is on. i love old american sitcoms dubbed into the czech language.
it's kinda funny, for all different reasons than the original.

im kinda sad today turned out the way it did.. i really wanted to go chill with Klára... dammit, i have failed once again. i dont know why this kind of stuff happens to me so much. perhaps it's because i let it get to me much more than other people do. anyway..

facebook, formspring, and livejournal will all be the emotional death of me, sooner or later. is it like the coin thing i wrote about earlier, where we assign deep, artificial meanings to things that dont matter that much?

it's annoying to realize that whatever you mean apparently contradicts all you write about on livejournal or formspring.. how can i make up my mind if you give me the pretty truth up front, and all the rest of the unabridged crap is hidden away in your figurative turns of phrase, that i can freely read and make my own, hopefully false, explanations? thanks to these kinds of methods of communication, we have lost an element of honesty and, to an extent, the meaning of things we shouldnt know about. in an age of subtly dropping hints that make huge differences, we dont speak anymore, and only derrive our own meanings.; if i need to know something, i can go to LJ or FS for my answers, which is honestly a load of bullshit.

also, you didnt answer my melodramatic message from last night. i need to pace myself or you really will stop caring about me..

dun dun dun duuun

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