Thursday, June 24, 2010

the list list and tales of freefall

there are lists
to do lists
email lists
shopping lists
pointless lists
no reason
just arbitrary lists
and bucket lists
(if you're ambitious)
subscriber lists
roll call lists
with names
a phone book
that's a list, isn't it?
then there are lists that go on for miles
just for ever
confusing lists
lists in foreign languages
lists of instruments
lists of accomplishments
lists of places in the world
periodical table, the list of the elements

hit lists
(let's not stay too long)
and then lists like this one
pointless lists that list other lists


sweet.. i dont know, i mean, i was happy with it at the time, but i have a feeling that if i was to sit down right now and write it again i would have something more powerful.

or something that is completely empty of meaning.

im getting cabin fever from being here too long. im ready to go home.. not even for the reasons you think. that, too, but im not talking about that anymore, cause its no use. the air is getting heavy, even outside, even when a stiff breeze blows by.. im ready to get back into my environment, back to my life.

the discovery channel is fun to watch, cause right now its showing part of downtown houston blowing up, and its not fake either; sucks for anyone that was in that building. acetylene apparently blows up fantastically when mixed with the right amount of oxygen.. hmm, my imagination runs amok when i think about the beautiful, colorless gas mixing with oxygen at the precise place that i am right now. the flames lick the sky as my spirit is consumed in the endless, ever-expanding inferno. but that's, essentially and figuratively, what's happening right now, except my body isnt part of the burning equation....
ok so this dude is entangled in a parachute as he's falling through the air at many miles a second.. happily for him, he untangled the parachute and landed safely. another happy ending; i wonder what he told his wife that evening when she asked him about his day. hahaha

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