Thursday, June 24, 2010

why not?

im jealous of all the people i see that have had a month of nothing but happiness.. i envy those whose lives arent virtually falling apart, those who havent had a month of separation that has apparently ruined everything they have worked for over the past few months. and why shouldnt it bother me? im not blaming them for my problems or anything. im happy for them.

im a broken record, i keep talking about the same thing.
but why not?
come and interrupt my tape loop, reset the cd player, and start me over, cause i want to be done with this. i hope that when i return, the commercial break will be over, finally. we can go back to normal. for now, you can ignore me all you want.


the thing i would want the least, though, is for you, in the end, to come off as a hypocrite. really, for your sake, i would be careful. because the same things that you were wary of with me at first are the same things that are now disrupting our "relationship" to a great degree. i apologize to the kid before me for, to him, being the kid after me. just cause it's you, calliope, doesnt mean you get a free pass.

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